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I have been taking my vehicle to Brendan at BMG for several years now and have been impressed with his honesty, knowledge and expertise. All work done is backed up 100%. Here is an ethical guy you can trust and that means a lot to me. Thanks Brendan. 

- Barry Howell, November 2021

First visit and have to say exceptional first impression! Brendan has an extremely clean, organized business and takes vehicle maintenance to the next level. And to debunk the myth that you have to bring your vehicle to the dealership for ALL repairs during warranty is false! Unless it is a recall, you can get all work done at BMG to avoid being just a number and waiting up to two weeks for a service appointment. I will be bringing both of my vehicles here from now on, thanks Brendan!

- Daron Findlay, November 2021

Very reliable, are Brendan and his team at BMG. They’re clear about what’s going to be done and professional about delivering cleanly and on time. Good communication, excellent work, and noticeable results!

- Christopher McBride, November 2021

Recently had my 2011 BMW 323i spark plugs changed at BMG. It was my first visit and I was very impressed with the facility, the completed work, cost and the professional attitude of Brendan the owner. I will be recommending BMG to friends and family for sure.

- Dave McNeil, November 2021

Great service, got me in for an oil change same morning I called. Tony and Brendan are doing great work.

- Cameron Furguson, October 2021

I have been a loyal customer to BMG Automotive for a few years now. I continue to encourage both friends and family to visit for any vehicle repairs and maintenance needs. The staff are extremely professional and offer quality services at a reasonable price. Most importantly they offer services that you need and don't try to oversell you. Brendan and his staff are always welcoming, friendly, and helpful. All of the repairs and maintenance I have received assure me that my vehicle is safe on the road. I recommend Brendan and his crew to absolutely everyone!

- Mallory Kuling, October 2021

A friend of mine told me about BMG a few years ago, and I have been going there ever since. I am a single mother and have always been nervous about taking my car just anywhere - being overcharged with unneeded car services. They've also worked on my daughter's car numerous times.

Brendan and his staff are extremely kind, trustworthy, and accommodating. They always lets me know what's most important to do on my car and gives me heads up on what I may need for future services. They're knowledgeable and skilled on any of your vehicle needs. I highly recommend BMG to anyone!

- Jennifer Sims, October 2021

Wonderful experience with Brendan and his team this past week. I brought my 2012 Ford Focus in after noticing that it was making a loud noise. Brendan and I took it for a test drive and he noticed something was wrong immediately. I let Brendan know I needed my car again before the weekend and he made sure to get it back to me in less than 2 business days. Brendan kept me in the loop every step of the way and ultimately fixed the problem for me which turned out to be an axel and bearing issue, he also fixed my tail light and replaced my brakes for me...all over do fixes I had been putting off. I will absolutely be back as a return customer, very pleasant experience

- Tanisha Christensen, September 2021

I have been taking my car to BMG Automotive for 5 years and wouldn’t go anywhere else. Brendan and his staff demonstrate a commitment to customer service and are always friendly and helpful. Brendan recently squeezed me in for a necessary repair, so I could still go on my holiday. I drive an older vehicle and Brendan always lets me know what are “must dos” to ensure safety and then offers suggestions of what I may want to consider, so my car is in optimal working order. There is never any pressure to commit to any type of service. When I leave the shop, I always feel like I am driving a safe, reliable vehicle. If you are looking for a trustworthy mechanic, this is the shop for you.

- Christina Penny, September 2021

Brendan was able to fit us in for an overdue Oil Change. Found a couple other small things and fixed them, things the dealership missed! Waived labor cost and even clean the inside of the vehicle. 12 out of 10 !!!

- Joe Roberts, August 2021

Brendan has been looking after my 2012 Tiguan Volkswagen for about 2 years. My car has never run better. It’s a little rocket ship. He explains in detail what needs to be done and if it can wait he will be honest and up front about it. I am so pleased I found him. I highly recommend BMG.

- Janet Whitney, August 2021

A friend of mine recommended BMG Automotive a few years ago and I started using Brendan and his shop for my vehicle repair needs. Since that time I have found Brendan and his staff provide excellent service for all of our vehicle repairs. His knowledge, pricing and service are phenomenal. I would recommend this repair shop to anyone of my family or friends and highly recommend that if you are looking for a trustworthy reliable shop, this is the place!

- Doug Karen McDonald, August 2021

Brendan and his employees are extremely helpful and treat you like a favourite family member.

- Paul Zickler, July 2021

BMG AUTOMOTIVE has always been highly regarded by us. Their work is always professional and they don't price gouge us. Been going here for about 6 years now and will continue to keep going.

- Poppy Howland, June 2021

I have been using BMG Automotive for well over 10 yrs. The customer service provided by Brendan and his staff is impeccable. Very reasonable pricing and excellent automotive service and performance. They even vacuum your vehicle after the job is done. Highly recommended. Get your vehicle into see BMG

- Shawn Thomas, May 2021

Total Class Act. Brendan @ BMG Automotive is outstanding. Here is someone who takes pride in their work and their shop. It's very clean, very organized, and has incredible service to boot! Brendan is a very welcoming and kind individual, and someone who really understands your perspective. I have two Mazda (3 & CX-9) models, and was so disgusted with my last "dealership" experience (a constant high pressure sales environment offering services the factory engineers could only laugh at!) I went seeking a new shop and mechanic/tech car service experience.

I will say this. I am very might even say picky... about using quality parts, quality fluids, sticking to the factory maintenance regime with my cars, and want someone who is working on my car to possess a strong technical ability and understanding about my vehicles. Brendan meets and exceeds all these qualifications, and most importantly, really really cares about using quality parts for your vehicle!

Before BMG, I begrudgingly kept taking my Mazdas back to the dealer... Trusting the "factory technicians and Mazda knows best..." but really, wishing one day I could find a shop that was nearby (in South Surrey), and one that was independent, knowledgeable and trustworthy. I've found Valhalla!

Looking under the 'hood on both my vehicles, I certainly notice and see the care, time, quality parts, and skillful workmanship on both my Mazdas. I appreciate this immensely.

I am not looking for the cheapest solution, or the cheapest parts. I want a quality job, quality parts, and honest, and caring service. I will pay for this, and so should you!

So, take your vehicles to Brendan at BMG. New or old. You won't be disappointed. Cheers!

Update: Two years on, Brendan and his team continue running an impeccable shop. My older Mazda 3 recently had a full brake job; outstanding feel after. Like it was fresh from the factory! Our 2019 CX-9 is serviced and cared for w/o the dealer pressure here too. We love our Mazdas, and the care BMG puts into them.

- Curtis Wiebe, April 2021

Our family uses and will continue to use BMG Services for all our vehicle repairs and services. Their work is top quality and done in a professional manner. Definitely a five star rating.

- Lynne Spence, April 2021

I have relied on Brendan's excellent service for my BMW and Mercedes for many years. He is professional and responsive to all questions. He only recommends the work you need and never upsells. I recommend Brendan and his shop highly.

- Graham Struthers, Feb 2021

Excellent customer service. Friendly, professional and knowledgable.

- Shalom Johnson, Feb 2021

Brandan is the owner of BMG auto who is very honest, professional and full of enthusiasm to his customer, I used to do car maintenance in the 4s car shops, but it costs me lots of time to be there from my home, I found BMG through google map and tried several times for car maintenace, very high efficiency and reasonable price, of course the service quality is same as 4s shops, so I started to be a fan of BMG and no matter my BMW or Porsch, I sent them to Brandan without any worries. And why I write this comment, because a month ago, my X6M encountered a tricky problem that she always gave me a bunch of intermittent fault codes when I started the engine, I approached Brandan for help and he inspected all components and parts very carefully but seemed there's no damage at all, finally he got the answer to have the steering wheel recalibrated after he did a lot of reseach and investigation. He did not charge me any addition fee for at least 3 times of inspection . By the way , I did never bargain when I got the quotation from Brandan, but he always take the initiative to give some discount which make me feel very comfortable. All in all, Brandan from BMG auto is highly recommended!

- Jason Hsu, Feb 2021

I will never take my cars anywhere else after going to BMG. Brendan takes great pride in his work. He is honest and has great communication. His service and work is next level.

- Jena Laybourn, October 2020

Great people, great service, and most importantly, HONEST! No pressure, just the facts. Love it!

- Elliot Heard Misener, July 2020

I always bring my car here. Great service. Timely and cost efficient. Does not push anything on me and works with my schedule and time. I highly recommend this place.

- Erin Dixon, June 2020

Brendan provides Honest and professional service and goes the extra mile .

- Moez Karim, June 2020

With the current world situation BMG Automotive was closed when I called for car assistance. Despite being closed the Mechanic I spoke to on the phone listened to my troubles, gave professional advice on what the problem might be and gave me a number to call for a fellow local company that was still open. I am so great-full for their help and advice. I would highly recommend this shop for anyone with car repairs in the south surrey area. Thank you again for answering my call!!

- Savannah Bourget, May 2020

Highly recommend Brendan & his staff. They checked my mufferler & give me options to repair the muffler. Also refer me to the Buget Brake & Muffler who specializes in it.

- Gary, April 2020

I know that I can always get an honest answer and that BMG would only do work that is necessary and not try to pad the bill. Estimates of cost are always accurate so there are no surprises when it comes time to pay the invoice. I have been very happy with the service

- Virginia Moore, March 2020

Unbelievable service. I cold called Brendan and, even without knowing me, he went out of his way to help me manage an issue involving another shop that was trying to sell me a repair it turned out I didn't need (which Brendan determined after taking a quick look, at no-charge, no less). Thanks to Brendan's expertise and kindness, I avoided an unnecessary repair and saved hundreds of dollars in the process. Highly recommend!

- Daniella W, Febuary 2020

Took car into BMG after loud squeal developed 6 months after brake replacement. Brendan took it all apart and warrantied my pads. Other brakes shops charge you for labour regardless. And most shops don’t back their work for 2 years! I don’t take my Mazda anywhere else.

- Ian, January 2020

Great place for service and major maintenance. They take pride in their work and it shows. If your looking for a top quality mechanic I would highly recommend BMG.

- Derek Burns, December 2019

Thanks for the awesome service, BMG auto! Worth the journey from the island to get my car fixed up right.

- Jennifer Grant, October 2019

I highly recommend BMG automotive. Brendan , and all of his staff, are great to deal with. Service is excellent. No matter how small or large the matter, he deals with it efficiently. It is a great comfort to know I can call him when I have a concern about my car but more importantly, I know he is keeping my car in tip top shape.

- Kelly McMurdo, October 2019

Great to find an honest mechanic that is straight up with u , fair priced ,great value thanks Brendan.

- John Kavanagh, September 2019

Just got my X5 repaired and had a great service and very happy about the outcome Specially the owner Brendan took his time to explain what jobs were done in detail and was very friendly and honest I will definitely recommend this place to others

- Andrew Jung, August 2019

Brendan is a great mechanic and a very honest guy. I've been going for about 4 years and will continue as long as i live in the area. I was selling my car and the buyer was worried about a potential problem at the 11th hour I called Brendan and took if over to him last minute to have a look, everything was good and its sold. He goes above and beyond.

- Taylor Gallaher, August 2019

I took my BMW 2015 4 series in for rear rotor changes this morning, they completed the job in two hours. The price was crazily reasonable compared to other places, a job well done. Forget about driving to the BMW dealership or corporate brake shops, these guys offer better service and price. There's much more care here for your vehicle old or new. Thanks a lot, I will be back!

- Harley T, June 2019

I had a phenomenal experience with BMG today. We were told we needed a new clutch (from our car dealership) and so I was shopping around after clarifying I could get the works done anywhere. Brendan answered the phone with a great attitude and a commitment for service. After some investigation he suggested we come in for a quick look and within minutes he was able to adjust our clutch and give us more life and time to save for the investment. He even took the car for a drive and gave me some standard tips and tricks. FREE OF CHARGE! I felt well taken care of and I will certainly be back along with highly recommending BMG!

- Marjolaine Rose, May 2019

Brought in a 12 year old car GMC SUV that required attention. I highly recommend this owner operated business. There is a noticable honesty to the personal care and attention that Brendan gives to his customers. He provided reasonable costs associated with the must do and the forecast maintenance items required into the future. Thanks

- Jeff Brousseau, March 2019

Emailed BMG and Brendan responded within the hour with a quick breakdown in quote for what I was asking for without any hesitation at all. When we met in person, he was a very accommodating and understanding person that we felt was really there to help in any way possible without making it unnecessarily complicated. Once the work was finished, on the same day, he text messaged us right away and we went back to pick up our car. When we arrived, not only did he complete that work that we had asked him to, he also went above and beyond and scanned our car for us at no charge! Then told us what he found and suggested how we should approach the manufacturer to ensure that we would not have to pay anything. Great communication, great service, great advice!!! Would most definitely recommend Brendan and his team to anyone looking to have quality work completed at a very reasonable cost. Thanks Brendan!

- George, March 2019

When I bought my car used, it was lacking much in the way of updates/maintenance. Brendan was able to get it in great condition for me, helping me to prioritize so that it was affordable but also so that my car was always reliable. He has gone above and beyond in honoring a warranty when we had an issue with a defective part. Also above and beyond in his friendliness and courtesy. 100% recommend.

- Jessica Prince, January 2019

Extremely impressed with the service from Brendan, he is super professional in his workplace. We got a timing belt, belt tensioner and waterpump done and we couldn't be happier with the results Brendan produces. Will definitely be coming back to fix any future issues. Brendan uses quality parts with perfect workmanship and always explains everything to the customer. So happy we've finally found a non-shadey auto machanic. Thanks so much!

- Kyle Lambert, December 2018

Very impressed with the service and level of professionalism. Courteous, friendly, affordable. Won't be taking my vehicles anywhere else.

- Ash J. Williams, October 2018

Was super happy with my service. Super helpful and informative. Zero issues with any part of the service. Thank you!

- Mattias Henders, September 2018

Top notch customer service from Brendan. My radiator was leaking badly and he was able to fit me in his busy day to get it done. It's not easy finding honest and knowledgeable mechanics but he is definitely one of the few! Quality work at reasonable prices. Highly recommended if you have a decent repair job that needs addressing.

- David Ng, August 2018

Service provided at BMG automotive is outstanding. Brendan is a very trustworthy and knowledgable mechanic which is why I have been driving from Vancouver for over 10 years for him to service my car. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a mechanic.

- Mary Linton, August 2018

Brendan is an honest, reliable, trustworthy and skilled mechanic. I highly recommend BMG Auto!

- Susan Mackenzie, June 2018

Awesome experience here. Brendan is personable and honest. Pricing is reasonable. I will be back.

- Richard Stabler, May 2018

New to the south surrey area. Went to BMG because of the good reviews. Was very impressed with Brendan's service and his pricing. Have been there twice now and will be using BMG for any future car needs. Nice to have a honest machanic that you can trust.

- Ryan Lopez, April 2018

I drive over 30min to see Brendan. And it's so worth it!! Honest, reliable, quality work. He is fast also. He doesn't try and sell me on stuff that I don't need and he explains everything in detail which I very much appreciates . I highly recommend coming here. Thanks for everything Brendan!

- Anamarija Zsa Zsa Josipovic, March 2018

Excellent Service completed on time and to estimate. Well worth the drive from Tsawwassen. Great confidence in Brendan's work and attention to detail.

- Graham Cole, February 2018

My family has always brought their vehicles to Brendan for as long as I can remember. My boyfriend and I were in need of a good, honest mechanic and of course I instantly thought of Brendan! We have been taking our truck to Brendan for over a year now and he consistently impresses us with his kindness and knowledge. He always keeps me up to date on what NEEDS to be done and what should be done but doesn't need to be done immediately. He's the best! You won't be disappointed he always goes above and beyond

- Stephanie Hudon, December 2017

First class. Repairs completed on time, efficiently and at a reasonable price. We be back for sure.

- Terry Miller, December 2017

Brendan provided great customer service, had my car out a couple hours after dropping it off, and did so at a cost that was matching or below other quotes for the same part. I even got to look at the old wheel bearing that was causing me a load of anxiety as it thumped along down the highway. He also used his mechanics eye to inform me about the specifics of another issue that I'd seen the symptoms of, even though I hadn't brought it up. He provided these future options without pressure, seeking to only inform me of options that exist.

- Keaton Mazurek, November 2017

Excelent service! Fast, Friendly knowledgable and professional.

- Matt Bonetti, November 2017

I have known Brenden for over 25 years when we began our friendship working at a gas station pumping gas, fixing tires and washing cars. Then I knew it was obvious Brendens passion was going to be mechanical. He always sought opportunities to work with mechanics in the bay to learn the craft of fixing cars. Without question his best quality is his genuine goodness and trust to his customers. I have recommended many people to 'go see Brenden' when they have issues with their cars. Two thumbs up. Thanks for all that you do Brenden. We appreciate it. Your friend Paul

- Paul Vadik, October 2017

Excellent Service! Brendan always goes the extra mile. Quality of work is top notch every time. Thank you for all your hard work and the peace of mind I receive with every repair.

- Jodie Wigard, September 2017

Honest, trustworthy, friendly, GREAT service! I appreciate you being so upfront and informative.

- Desiree Dupuis, September 2017

Dealing with BMG Automotive has been a more then pleasant experience! I was pointed in Brendan's direction from a friend (seeing as I am new to the Vancouver area) and I couldn't be happier that my car ended up where it did. Brendan is extemely informative, genuine and honest. I will most definitely be bringing my car back to BMG. Brendan is the best!

- Jenna, August 2017

My sister recommended Brendan to me when I needed work on my car. I drove out from Vancouver as she gave such a glowing review about him. I'm glad she did! Brendan fixed my car and his prices are fair. I later brought my car back in when I needed to get my brakes done. He is honest and very easy to talk to, I find him to be very trustworthy. I highly recommend him, he is worth the drive out to South Surrey!

- Lori Roy, July 2017

Brendan is honest, trustworthy, efficient, knowledgeable and reliable. I trust him taking care of my car, and have referred my family and friends to him as I know he will ensure he takes care of them too. Thank you Brendan!!

- Priya Vohora, May 2017

Brendan has been my mechanic for over 5 years now. I wouldn't go to anyone else. Service provided and quality of his work is excellent.

- John L, February 2017

I recommend BMG to "everyone" I know. I have been coming here since it opened on a recommendation and have never been disappointed. Brendan provides honest, timely and excellent service at an exceptionally reasonable price. Honesty and integrity are hard to find and Brendan provides both.

- Lorraine Guild, July 2016

We've been coming to BMG for years and sending friends and family here as well simply because Brendan is trustworthy, reliable, fair and competent.

- James Mccue, March 2016

I found Brendan to be very trustworthy and a great mechanic. He only does what is necessary and I find he genuinely cares about his clients. He has done a lot of work for us and he is truly top notch.

- Dan Kirincic, January 2016

I have been a long-time customer of BMG Auto, and much like having a trusted accountant or lawyer, a trusted mechanic is an essential professional to have in your life. Brendan delivers consistent top quality and personal service and ensures that my vehicle's needs are taken care of. Unlike the dealerships, BMG recommend/performs only necessary service and maintenance vs going off a 'recommended checklist' for mileage, and he does it at a fair price. I wouldn't hesitate to (and actively) recommend BMG to anyone.

- Fraser Newton, August 2015

Brendan is a trustworthy mechanic who uses good quality parts. He is accommodating and helpful when it comes to making appointments that work for your schedule. It's nice to have a mechanic that actually cares about your personal safety and lets you know about potential problems with your vehicle, rather than someone who just gets the job done in a hurry and sends you on your way. Not only do I take my Mini Cooper to BMG Automotive for servicing, but I'd happily refer his services to any of my friends and family.

- Chrissy Grant, July 2014

I completely rely on Brendan! Hands down the best service I've ever had and particularly appreciate being able to trust my mechanic! I am big on ethics and integrity and commitment to service. Brendan jumps to accommodate and takes great care of us. He services both of our vehicles and we send everyone we know to him!

- Teri Conrad, June 2014

Lets see where to start on reasons you should have your vehicle serviced/repaired at BMG Auto:

1. Fair - Brendan will tell you exactly what is wrong with your car and take time to explain it if you would like.

2. Smart - Brendan is very knowledgeable on pretty much most types of vehicles. I own a Ford and VW and neither throw him a curve ball.

3. Reasonable - Brendan will fix what you need fixed and not fix what you don't. He will however tell you that on your next check up that any item that may be suspect will need to be replaced.

4. Efficient - Brendan gets over ninety percent of the jobs I have given him to repair done in one day. The only thing that may hold him up is waiting for parts from the supplier.

if you are looking for a great mechanic in the South Surrey/White Rock area then it is simple - BMG Auto is the place

- Tod Lansing, April 2014

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