BMG Automotive Repair Services in White Rock

BMG Automotive is one of White Rock’s most trusted & reputable Auto Repair Shops. In business since 2008 they have developed a reputation as a friendly, honest & diligent auto repair & maintenance business. Some of the services that they currently offer are listed below:

Maintenance Approved Oil Changes & Service

Simply the most important thing you can do to maintain your vehicle is keeping your engine oil topped up & clean. Whether you drive an older vehicle or a newer vehicle that requires servicing to maintain your warranty, we provide a thorough oil service with OEM approved parts. All work is guaranteed & your new vehicle warranty will not be void.

Brake Repairs and Servicing

From brake pad & rotor replacement to complex anti-lock brake issues (ABS) our technicians are trained to repair & service older & modern-day brake systems. All work is guaranteed, with a no hassle warranty!

Suspension Repairs & Replacements

Shocks, struts, control arms, sway bar repairs, wheel bearings, suspension lowering or lifting, ball joint replacement & more. We use only high-quality parts and all our work guaranteed.

Exhaust Systems Repairs & Replacements

We repair small exhaust muffler leaks to complete aftermarket exhaust system replacement or conversions. Resonators, manifold replacement & more. All work is guaranteed.

High-Quality Fluid Exchanges

From 2WD cars to AWD SUVs, we know regular maintenance will prolong your vehicle, improve fuel economy and help avoid costly repairs. We service differentials, transfer cases, & power steering systems. We can flush your transmission, brake system & cooling system with only high quality replacement fluids.

Check Engine Light Diagnosis

Our skilled technicians have up to date scan tools & information to skillfully diagnose your drivability concern or check engine light issue. Whether it is an engine misfire or shorted wiring we can get you safely back on the road!

Engine & Cooling System Repairs

Timing belts, water pumps, radiators, serpentine belt & tensioner replacement, engine mount replacement & more. We use quality parts with a 2-year warranty on all repairs.

Air Conditioning Repairs & Service

From AC system recharging to condenser or compressor replacement our up-to-date equipment & trained technicians can get your HVAC system blowing cool again & back on the road. All work guaranteed!

Fuel System Servicing

Modern day vehicles such as Gasoline Direct Injection vehicles need regular servicing due to carbon build it on the intake valves. Our high-quality fuel system service tools & chemicals will allow your engine to run smooth again, restore fuel economy & regain horsepower.

Battery Servicing & Replacement

We service or repair: Batteries, battery terminals, alternators, belts & wiring. Our batteries have a minimum 2 1/2-year free replacement from defects.

Looking for reliable and experienced auto repair shop? Contact us today for a no-hassle process.

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